You Are The Fingers In The Flood Wall, 2018
4K Video
TRT: 00:09:16

You Are The Fingers in the Flood Wall (2019), was shot at a facility outside of Atlanta and focuses on the production of fiber optic cable, the raw, corporeal, seminal fluid-like substance that provides the transfer of information through the internet, unquestionably the most powerful resource of our time. In Extrastatecraft, Keller Easterling describes how fiber optic cable provides urban and rural land added value, much like new highways or railroads. My video shows how fiber optic cable, used to carry data at speeds of up to 5G (enabling driverless cars, machine learning, and augmented reality), has a similar production process to more antiquated forms of glass production, typically associated with artisans. In revealing the physicality of this infrastructure, our understanding of the immaterial and infinite nature of the internet is challenged.